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We build the base that moves your business


We think about Pallets all day, so you don’t have to!!!

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You're a busy corporate purchasing agent with hundreds of people and thousands of dollars resting on your management decisions. You have more critical duties than managing, and recovering pallets. That's why Harvey Pallets is your solution!!!

Harvey Pallets Inc. is a vertically-integrated, full-service pallet manufacturer, recycler, and wood waste company headquartered in Blue Island, IL. We are committed to being the low cost, high quality, reliable partner that customers call first when looking for pallet solutions.

Since our humble beginnings in 1997, Harvey Pallets has continuously strived to exceed customer’s expectations by constantly looking to improving our quality while increasing our efficiencies through automation, technology and genuine hard work.

Harvey Pallet Customers have come to expect:Reliablitiy-Cost-Effectiveness

    Creative and Cost Efficient Pallet Solutions

   Fast Response Time 

  √ Value on Wood Pallets

  Consistent, Dependable, Pallet Performance

    Fanatical Customer Service

    Harvey Pallets

“We build the base that moves your business.”

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