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Harvey Pallets provides Pallets and Skids in every available size & quantity including new, remanufactured, and reconditioned, plastic and more… You need it, we've got it!!!

New Custom Built Pallets

new_palletsWe offer a variety of new wooden pallets from the standard 48x40 pallet to custom sizes built to your precise specifications. We can utilize various species of wood so that we can provide the optimum cost and performance ratio for your business application. Each pallet is designed using industry specific software to maximize the capabilities of components and is built on 1 of our 4 automated nailing systems to assure uniform pallet construction.

Combo/Hybrid Pallets

Combo_palletsCombo/Hybrid Pallets are pallets built with a mixture of new and used components. Combo pallets can have new stringers and used deck boards or new deck boards and used stringers. If we do not have your size pallet available in reconditioned form, you might consider the combo pallet.
In some cases a pallet user may have only a few critical dimensions on the pallet by using new material for the critical dimensions it would allow you to basically “surround” the critical part with recycled material bringing down the overall cost of the pallet.

Graded Recycled Pallets

RecycledPalletsAt Harvey Pallets, we recycle the standard 48 x 40 and a wide selection of various additional size pallets in several grades to meet your company’s needs. Each pallet is carefully inspected; any damaged or missing boards are repaired or replaced by our pallet repair technicians. Each recycled pallet is repaired under strict National Wood and Pallet Container Association (NWPCA) standards to ensure success in your application, while minimizing your unit load cost.

Custom Remanufactured PalletsRemanufactured

For users of custom-sized pallets for non-standard applications, Harvey Pallets offers a lower cost solution to new pallets in remanufactured pallets made from all recycled material.


Wooden Crates or Boxes

crateIn addition to pallets, Harvey Pallets also designs and manufactures wood crating or boxes for virtually any sized cargo being shipped domestically or overseas. This includes products that are oversized, overweight or difficult to handle. We provide complete package engineering services down to the finest detail to assure maximum protection during transit so its contents arrive at their final destination fully intact.



 Wholesale Lumber

WHOLESALE_LUMBERFrom graded, new, used or re-manufactured lumber, cants, wood chips and sawdust; Harvey Pallets can help meet your lumber needs for any application.

 From graded, new, used or re-manufactured lumber, cants, wood chips and sawdust; Harvey Pallets can help meet your lumber needs for any application.


 Let us help you design an optimum solution for your material handling needs!

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