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Harvey Pallets offers a wide variety of pallet services No matter the need, we can customize a service to meet it!!!



Pallet Consulting:

The professionals at Harvey Pallets will evaluate your pallet needs and assist you with creating a customized program to meet your pallet needs.



Pallet Sorting & Repair:

WeCareSave money by repairing your own pool of pallets. We offer services to repair the pallets you already own that may require repair small or large. We are able to do any type of repairs on-site or at our facility in an effort to minimize variable costs.

Each pallet is repaired to meet strict NWPCA standards, is barcoded for accountablity, and returned to your facility.



PALLET Design Software:paldraw-image

Our design services allow you to evaluate designs and performance to maximize capabilities, while minimizing costs. Pallet Designs ensure you are satisfied with the final product before delivery.


Heat Treating To ISPM-15 Standards: 


Harvey Pallets is certified for ISPM-15 Heat-Treatment; with (2) on-site chambers for heat- treating, we are capable of handling over 1,400 pallets during 1 cycle for those last minute rush order needs.



Mold Guard Treatment:

We offer both organic and chemical (approved EPA and FDA labelling) mold guard treatments ensuring 100% pallet coverage, for wood in contact with food, vegetables and any other sensitive products.

Drop Trailers:

Drop-Trailer2We own our own fleet of 12 trucks, with over 150 trailers and 12 flatbeds giving us the flexibility to deliver to your door options for easy loading and unloading.

Dust Free:new_pallets

Don’t worry again about contaminating your site with sawdust from your pallet supplier. With your next shipment from Harvey Pallets., your pallets will come dust-free. These aren't the same old dirty pallets because this isn't another run-of-the-mill pallet company. Dust Free pallets come dust-free and the service is free.



Call and allow a trained professional to tailor a program specific to YOUR NEEDS!!!

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