What We Do

Harvey Pallets is an industry leader in providing pallet management services and complete unit-load solutions, we partner with single and multi-site operations to leverage our resources as a vertically integrated manufacturer to provide innovative products and services that keep your manufacturing plants, distribution centers, or warehouse facilities operating at their most optimal efficiencies.

Wood Products

From wood pallets and crates to lumber, sourced directly from our operations or our supply chain partner locations, Harvey Pallets provides the right wood packaging products keep your business running at their most optimal efficiencies.

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Pallet Unitization Products

Stabilize your wooden pallets, Secure your transports, Optimize your palletizing costs.
Our high-quality, dependable products offer numerous options for securing and stabilizing palletized loads of any size, weight, and configuration.

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Reverse Logistics

Harvey Pallets helps businesses control costs and generate revenues from the back-end of supply chain by understanding your business and leveraging our resources to keep your business moving forward.

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See what Harvey can do for you

Maximize your supply chain efficiencies and realize cost savings, from direct pallet sales to full-service pallet and packaging management, our experts work with you to customize a solution tailored to YOUR supply chain needs.