Why Harvey?

As a customer driven company, Harvey Pallets strives to provide innovative pallet and packaging solutions for companies across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. At our core; we are a vertically integrated, full-service pallet manufacturer and recycler, from our core, we provide total pallet and packaging solutions to readily support your business across the entire supply chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to delivery.

How We Work

With more than two billion pallets in circulation at any given time in the United States, Harvey Pallets partners with you, to identify inefficiencies in your end-to-end supply chain and implement effective solutions built around the cornerstone of the supply chain, pallets. From front-end savings to back-end revenue generation, Harvey Pallets aligns its resources to provide a true partner with your bottom-line in mind.

System Based Approach

Providing a consistent customer experience and the structure for operational success, while having the flexibility to align directly to customers’ individual goals and expectations. Our flexible approach enables us to optimize cost and performance, with a specialized knowledge of material handling, purchasing, pallet design, regional lumber markets and logistics, we have the resources, knowledge, and agility to tailor a solution to your business:







Network Optimization

Our Network Optimization Programs remove the inefficiencies of pallet and packaging management, allowing your business to run a more streamlined and efficient supply chain, by managing cost drivers like sourcing, design and implementation to deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to fit operational requirements.

Our supply chain partners network is defined by quality and customer driven solutions, with long-term, trusted partnerships that span the country. Customers benefit from a deep knowledge of supplier capabilities and raw material markets that yield the competitive pricing, high quality and consistent supply.

Improved Visibility

Optimize Vendor Capabilities

Consolidated Customer Support


Manage Cost Drivers

Maximize Efficiencies

See what Harvey can do for you

Maximize your supply chain efficiencies and realize cost savings, from direct pallet sales to full-service pallet and packaging management, our experts work with you to customize a solution tailored to YOUR supply chain needs.