Pallet Unitization Products

Harvey Pallets sources quality products from sustainable sources, bringing innovative ideas, consistent supply, while offering choice of specifications, to offer the best value in the market.

Completing the Unit-Load

Harvey Pallets considers every component when developing the right configuration of pallet design and pallet packaging materials to achieve the optimal unitization of your unit-load. Our team will work with you to cost-effectively protect your product and meet your customers’ shipping requirements.

  • Improved Warehouse Safety
  • Reduced Product Damage
  • Lower Packaging Costs
  • Increased Unit Load Handling Speed
  • Improved Storage & Shipping Space Efficiency
  • More Efficient Use of Natural Resources

Stretch Film

Harvey Pallets stretch film line is full of cost-effective products for securing and stabilizing palletized and unitized loads. Each type is designed to address specific packaging challenges, such as load size, performance requirements and budget considerations.


Harvey Pallets specialize in providing our customers with high-quality tapes in various categories and grades, such as hot melt, acrylic, and water active tapes.

Hand Film
In a low-volume operation, pallet stretch wrap applied manually is a great solution. Hand stretch film is much lighter and easier to yield than machine stretch wrap.
Machine Film
To achieve maximum consistency, speed and stability in palletization processes, combine automated systems with machine stretch film.
Banding Film
Is ideal for wrapping multiple boxes together and smaller loads together.
Hand Tape
Harvey Pallets offers a full range of hot melt and acrylic hand tapes. Whether you are looking for a tape to work in the cold or with recycled boxes, we have a product for you.
Machine Tape
Harvey Pallets offers a full range of hot melt and acrylic machine tape. Our tapes are designed to run on any equipment and in any environment. We provide tape head and full machine programs to our customers.
Water Activated Tape
With the increase in E-Commerce business the water activated tape market is growing again. Harvey Pallets maintains a large inventory of the most common sizes of water activated tape.

Shrink Film

Package and Protect with durable, high-clarity shrink films for manual and automatic packaging at competitive pricing. Fast turn-around on most stock materials and custom solutions available including high quality printed films, centerfold, printed shrink, tubing, bagging, banding and sleeves.

Kraft Paper

Ideal for a variety of packaging uses. We sell most Kraft paper products to be used as void fill in packaging. The most common chosen for void fill are rolls. We offer a several base paper weights in our Kraft rolls. All of our Kraft paper is made from 100% recycled materials.

Poly Sheeting

Used in multiple industries by companies and individuals around the world. Polyethylene is the most common form of plastic used in a variety of packaging, industrial, and construction materials. Polyethylene comes in a variety of densities, poly sheeting is commonly made from a low-density polyethylene.

Chipboard/Slip Sheets

Offers industry approved, water resistant, durable, versatile pallet slip sheets. These pallet slip sheets can protect your product on wooden pallets, or they may be used to wrap your pallet for added product protection..

Edge and Corner Protectors

To add vertical support and help stabilize shipments for transport, we offer a variety of edge and corner protectors. Available in various sizes, edge guards are also used to safeguard palletized loads from potential damage associated with shipping and handling.

Steel & Plastics Strapping

Whether you’re securing cartons, palletized products or heavy-duty construction materials, our polypropylene, polyester and steel strapping products will help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

We design brand-neutral solutions to complete your unit load. Whatever the solution, it will be designed specifically for you, to keep your business running at its optimal levels.

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