About Us

A certificated minority-own company, by National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), specializing in total pallet and packaging solutions to readily support your business across the entire supply chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to delivery.

Company Overview

As a privately held family business with over 100 years of combined experience, the Harvey Pallets team has provided innovative pallet and packaging solutions for companies across the U.S. and Canada including: 3rd Party Logistics, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Co-Packing, Energy, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Steel, and Transportation.

At our core; Harvey Pallets is a vertically integrated, full-service pallet manufacturer and recycler, from our core, we provide total pallet and packaging solutions to readily support your business across the entire supply chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to delivery.


Square Feet Indoor Manufacturing/ Warehousing Space

Pallets Recycled Every Month


Deeply rooted in the wood packaging industry, Harvey Pallets dedicated to reducing the waste stream impact through the harvesting, processing, manufacturing, recycling, repairing and reusing of pallets and packaging, to conserve our resources for present and future generations.

Wood harvested from North American forests follows some of the world’s best forest management practices, which have continually provided net forest growth. Net forest growth refers to land which is reforested once the forests have been harvested; preventing a loss of forest acreage with the result being actual forest cover in North America is increasing

While harvesting wood occurs under different types of land ownership, forest management is governed by federal and state/provincial regulations that ensure that forest resources are well protected for the future.

Harvey Pallets, Inc. adheres to North American forestry management practices ensure that deforestation and other threats to biodiversity do not occur

Every month across our 7 facilities, Harvey Pallets:

Recycled Pallets

Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions Saved

Saved Trees

A Letter From Our President

To anyone that might be considering Harvey Pallets as a potential partner, I would like to offer my thanks. Thank you for reaching out and wanting to collaborate with this amazing company. Rest assured that our family will Build The Base That Moves Your Business with quality, innovation, customer service, and on-time delivery in mind and that we are passionate enough to want to exceed your expectations.

Harvey Pallets can contribute a lot of its past success to patience and passion. Patience is what has kept me in the pallet industry for the better part of 30 years and passion is what motivates me to stay in it for another 30. I am in this industry because I am passionate about it.

What do I mean by passion? I mean that I am passionate about manufacturing as a whole and it is also why after my Faith in the LORD and my love for my Family, one of my biggest passions is for our manufacturing process. One of my colleagues recently told me, “You’re so involved with the manufacturing process that it seems like you have sawdust in your veins.” To a certain extent he’s right. I love being able to go deep into the forests where we have our timber, seeing the logging process, seeing the transformation of a log into a cant, then seeing the transformation of that cant into whatever product it might be that our customer desires and to the specifications that they require down to the most minimal millimeter. It’s hard not to be passionate about pallets when you’re as involved in them as our team is.

Thank you all for supporting this wonderful company and we look forward to providing continuous support for you and your team.

Jose “Manuel” Tavarez
President & CEO

Mission Statement

In order to keep Harvey Pallets centered, focused, and true to its original purpose of providing above and beyond service to its customers, the company adheres to the following Mission Statement.

Our mission is to provide the most complete pallet solutions and logistics in the entire industry by utilizing our vertical integration as leverage to supply new, custom, and recycled pallets through our in-house manufacturing in the most efficient manner; so that businesses seeking to fulfill their supply chain obligations can rest assured that all of their pallet needs and demand will be met and exceeded by way of our commitment to customer service, on-time delivery, and attention to detail.