Company History

Patience and Passion have guided the Harvey Pallets to where it is today. Join us in reading below and learning a bit about our History.
Harvey Pallets Founded
  • Harvey Pallets Founded

    Harvey Pallets was founded in 1997 by Jose Manuel Tavarez in Harvey, Illinois. Manuel begins with a single forklift and six employees.

  • Disaster Strikes

    Just as business was taking off, disaster struck. A warehouse fire destroyed nearly everything that was built during the first year. Fueled by the LORD’s Guidance, support from his closest friends, and love for his family, Manuel starts again.

  • The Rebuild

    After rebuilding and exceeding everything that the fire had taken, Harvey Pallets relocated to South Holland, Illinois into a 22,000 square foot building

  • First Sawmill

    Realizing the need to provide its customers with a reliable source of lumber, Harvey Pallets established their first sawmill in the heart of Missouri.

  • Blue Island

    Harvey Pallets quickly outgrows their South Holland location and relocates to their current national headquarters, Blue Island, Illinois.

  • Expansion

    Due to increasing customer demand, Harvey Pallets acquires a 2nd manufacturing facility in Blue Island, bringing their total Chicago-land presence to 550,000 square feet.

  • Fall Plant Tour

    Harvey Pallets is presented with the honor of hosting the 2013 NWPCA Fall Plant Tour.

  • 2nd Sawmill

    Having outgrown their current lumber production, Harvey Pallets acquired their 2nd sawmill in Missouri.

  • Southwest Missouri

    Harvey Pallets constructs an additional pallet mill in southwest Missouri.

  • Widespread Operations

    Harvey Pallets now operates in Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, and Iowa with partner facilities all over North America. In total, Harvey Pallets now operates in over 1,500,000 square feet of warehousing providing supply chain solutions across the country.

  • National Network

    Harvey Pallets has expanded their operations into Kenosha Wisconsin, bringing their total physical presence to 5 States. Harvey Pallets currently services companies across the entire continental United States.

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