Pallet Design System & Additional Services

Moving The Base That Moves Your Business, this is the philosophy that Harvey
Pallets was founded on.
Our main priority is ensuring that our customer’s products are shipped on the highest quality pallet so as to ensure the best possible experience. Harvey Pallet’s team of pallet and packaging design experts will work with you to design a pallet that meets all of your needs, by utilizing specialized engineering software to optimize pallet performance and meet various stacking and racking requirements.
One of the main priorities of Harvey Pallets is cost-savings and optimized prices for our clients. Our team will work with you to understand the individual costing components of the custom pallet design and raw material processing, in order to reduce unnecessary costs from the final product and provide you with the best price possible while keeping quality in mind.

Additional Services Include:

Stocking Programs


Closed-Loop Capture

Heat Treatment – ISPM 15 Standard


Color coding

Mold Guard