Reverse Logistics

Harvey Pallets helps businesses control costs and generate revenues from the back-end of supply chain by understanding your business and leveraging our resources to keep your business moving forward.
By leveraging our integrated supply chain infrastructure, technology, and operating expertise, we have the resources to streamline the backend of your supply chain.

Our efficient system eliminates processing costs to optimize efficiencies and maximize the revenue value of pallets, platforms, recyclables and more.

Wood Recycling

Harvey Pallets can remove unwanted wood waste while helping preserve the environment with our wood recycling services. With on-site trailers and flexible pick-up schedules, you choose the wood recycling service to best fit your company. And gain peace of mind knowing 100% of your wood is recycled and reused.

Industrial Recycling

Harvey Pallets can optimize the recyclable waste stream for your company’s distribution center, warehouse or production facility, helping you to reach your zero waste goals and with a focus on solving hard to recycle materials.

Closed-Loop Asset Recovery

Harvey Pallets will track and recapture your pallet at its final destination, sort, repair it back to its original specification and return the pallet to you or other designated locations to be reused in your operation. By recapturing your original pallets, we can significantly reduce your overall pallet costs, improve your turn rate, reduce transportation costs and reduce your environmental impact.

Collaborative Transportation

Harvey Pallets account service team will collaborate with your logistics team to identify inefficiencies in the supply chain, where Harvey Pallets can leverage its resources to cut empty miles and wasted fuel, improving performance and managing costs, while reducing your environmental impact.

On-Site/Off-Site Managed Services

Harvey Pallets provides customers complete operational support, to save their resources for in-house needs, by partnering to optimize efficiencies and revenue opportunities at the backend of your supply chain. Whether you require on-site or off-site support, Harvey Pallets partners with you to remove, collect and redistribute shipping platforms and recyclables from your stores and distribution centers.

Consulting and Value Mapping

An RFP offers a snapshot of the market price for a pallet or pallet core, but does not always validate true pallet specifications or bring value beyond the price-per-pallet.

Harvey Pallets will conduct site audits to draft pallet and packaging specifications that reflect the current packaging your warehouses are using, understand your current warehouse handling and storage, review your current distribution model, to uncover cost savings in your end-to-end supply chain.

Once cost savings assumptions are identified, Harvey Pallets will identify qualified manufacturers, negotiate valued-added services and implement cost-reduction strategies in pallet and packaging sourcing, raw material supply and identify best practices at the back-end of the supply chain.